The Insider’s Glossary: Authentic You – a New Project on Let’s Sandbox!

Dear Sandboxer, I envisage Let’s Sandbox as a community, a circle of people who are just like you and me –authentically creating or seeking to create their lives, following their calling and daring to choose exhilarating adventure over bleak monotony. I intend Let’s Sandbox to serve as a source of comfort, inspiration and contact with the like-minded. I […]

What If You Had Been On The Malaysian Airlines Flight 17?

Hearing about the recent disaster (the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crashing in Ukraine) and realising that my plane to Jakarta would have flown over the very same territory in just a month’s time has shaken me up a little. Also, remembering another ritual of mine, namely to consider how I’ve lived and ask myself whether I regret not having done […]

VideoBox: videos on creativity, spirituality, authenticity and more

I want to announce a new section on Let’s Sandbox – VideoBox: videos on creativity, spirituality, authenticity and more. Here, I will be gathering the most inspirational, enlightening and exciting videos in one place. These will include anything and everything from excerpts from film trailers to interviews with leading spiritual thinkers. I hope this will become […]

Create a Daily Routine

Many successful entrepreneurs and artists talk about the value of having a consistent daily routine. ‘Daily Rituals: How Artists Work’ by Mason Currey analyses how some of the most renowned people in history used to structure their daily lives. Eric Maisel dispenses advice on learning to ‘create in the middle of things’, and you can familiarise yourself with […]