Creative Life Manifesto

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  • Identify the 15 key elements for building a creative and adventurous life.
  • Discover that creativity is a muscle you can train.
  • Find out why you should think like a billionaire.
  • Learn why authenticity matters.
  • Start thinking about mastering the art of failure.
  • Learn why  you  should  begin  connecting  the seemingly unconnected.
  • Sign a Creativity Contract with yourself.
  • Begin  laying  the   foundations   for   your daring adventure.


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What is the Creative Life Manifesto? 

It’s an invitation to go on an adventure, an invitation to make meaning and an invitation to start creating your life, as you want it to be.

Should I read the Manifesto if I am not an artist? 

Yes! It’s for everyone who wants to live a creative life. I believe that if you cultivate creativity, you then inevitably become authentic, and when you are authentic, you make choices in life, which lead to inner peace and happiness.

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