Creative Life Coaching

  • Do you want to build a creative and authentic life, an innovative business, start a blog, write a book or take up painting?creative life manifesto, darius lukas, creativity blog
  • Do you feel there is latent creative potential within you that you would like to manifest?
  • Do you have big dreams and many things you would like to accomplish but don’t know how to make a start?
  • Do you want to become more creative but fear how your friends and family might react?


creativity coaching, london,CREATIVE LIFE COACHING CAN HELP YOU TO…

  • understand your creative potential, maximise and manifest it;
  • identify and define what your creative and authentic adventure is;
  • tackle limiting beliefs, blocks, obstacles, fears, doubts and procrastination;
  • clarify and set goals and ambitions;
  • build structure, habits and rituals for success;
  • build confidence;
  • discover inspiration and courage within you;


Interested in Creative Life Coaching?



  • The first 45 minute diagnostic session is complementary.
  • After that, we will meet 2 – 4 times a month, depending on your needs, for a 60 minute session each time.
  • We will either talk on the phone or via Skype. If you are based in London, we can meet in person.
  • You will receive e-mail support in between sessions.
  • Fees will vary depending on your situation and whether you pay as you go or opt for a package, designed to meet your individual needs. (Concessions are available for cases of genuine hardship.)
  • Once you have filled in the application form, I will get back to you within 3 working days to arrange a time for your first free session.

Interested in Creative Coaching?


darius lukas,, creativity coach,

  • I’ve carried out over 30 creative projects in the US, Europe and Asia, including scriptwriting, theatre shows, art installations and community projects, and I have worked with an array of individuals: artists from all fields, business owners, elderly people, entrepreneurs, billionaires, children with disabilities, orphans, the LGBT community in the third world, migrant workers, bloggers and students.


  • Writing and Directing Lives. Training as a theatre director at LAMDA and studying creative writing at the University of East Anglia, I realised that the rules for creating a fascinating script or an engaging show also apply to real life. In my coaching practice, I draw on the principles of building a captivating narrative and multi-layered characters. I explore how concepts such as the inciting incident (an event which triggers a great change in a character’s life) and obstacles and conflicts (how overcoming them transforms the character) can help my clients both in their work and personal life.


  • If you like Let’s Sandbox, have read the Creative Life Manifesto, and my ideas resonate with you, then I am sure we’ll work well together. Since there isn’t a formal accreditation system for Creativity Coaches, I am convinced that experience is what counts. 

Interested in Creative Life Coaching?