Stop Trying to Be Normal. I have.

darius lukas, letssandbox

Stop trying to be normal if you are not. In fact, most people are everything but normal. However, they have downloaded normality guidelines from the internet, family, colleagues, friends, religion and god knows where, and are trying very hard to tick off the boxes of convention. As with any endeavour taken with passion and dedication, you […]

Why You Should Be Angry

darius lukas, letssandbox

You should smile. Be positive. Shine. Radiate love and light. At all times. You don’t think you can? Do your best. At least try. Hold your anger in.  For all our sakes. It’s all cool, but where does our anger fit in? Societally – no where.  Having no place for anger, however, is toxic – and […]

6 Things Marisa Does When She Feels Useless and Alone – Flash Fiction


Marisa is in her late 20s and lives in London. She often feels useless and alone. This is the list of things she does when she feels that way: 1. Calling Her Mother There is no answer. No matter how many times she calls. But she keeps on calling anyway. She believes she is listening, […]