What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey’s Book

Everybody knows Oprah – some call her teaching cheesy, some follow it wholeheartedly. I definitely have been inspired by her OWN networks programmes: Super Soul Sunday and Life Class. Her recommended books certainly inspired me and some of the spiritual thinkers she has interviewed were a good starting point on my own spiritual quest – […]

Awaken the Giant Within

With peace of heart, clarity of mind and trust in the universe, I am confidently moving toward the full realisation of my potential. This happened a year ago. I remember on a Thursday night in August I had taken a walk to Holland Park, stopping by at a bookshop to get hold of a copy […]

Decide to Matter, Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Make Meaning: Eric Maisel’s Coaching the Artist Within

Eric Maisel is the father of creativity coaching, a prominent thinker/commentator on the themes of creativity and its cultivation, also an author of over a dozen books. His book ‘Coaching the Artist Within’ is a useful and practical guide for both an experienced and an aspiring creative. It teaches how to coach yourself to¬†discover your […]