Meet Amy – a London-based actress & poet – 9 Questions to Fellow Adventurer & Traveller Interview

I continue featuring Fellow Adventurers, Travellers, Sandboxers and people who choose to be daring. No, they are not famous (some of them ‘not just yet’!), but they are certainly outstanding for their determination to live life on their terms. Amy is a dear London friend, actress and poet. We went to university together. She introduced me […]

Meet the Founder of the Happy World Company – a Bite-size Interview with Nerea, Fellow Adventurer & Traveller

IN A FEW WORDS: I continue my series of bite-size interviews with fellow adventurers. So far, I have introduced you to two kindred souls I met here in Bali: Tocic & Evelyn. Today – Nerea, a stunning and intelligent Spanish entrepreneur and happiness expert, who worked in the City until deciding to turn her life around and […]

9 Bite-Size Questions to a Fellow Adventurer & Sandboxer: Evelyn ditched her Glamorous LA Job to go on a Spiritual and Creative Quest Across Asia

I have already written about Evelyn and to Evelyn. She is a true fellow adventurer: having left her glamorous job in advertising in LA, she embarked on a soul quest across Asia. The reader probably remembers my open letter to her: A Letter to My Fellow Traveller: On Love, Bliss, Vulnerability and Downfalls.

9 Bite-Size Questions to a Fellow Adventurer & Sandboxer: Henry – an Acrobat, Freelance Energy Consultant, Berliner & Dancer

Henry – an acrobat, energy consultant, traveller, father, dancer, yogi and a conscious human being.   I am on a real journey – writing, teaching, learning, healing – and, as I travel, I continue to meet the most radiant human beings.   Usually, they are courageous, adventurous and creative people, who have wholeheartedly refused to live […]