Turn Your TV Off & Follow the Instructions – A Never-Heard-Of 5 Minute Imagination Exercise

gadget, keyboard, surf board

Sit in front of your TV, your computer, your tablet or your phone. Don’t turn it on. Call upon your imagination instead. Yes, you should still have it – numbed by thousands of TV programmes, strict daily routines, news and gossip consumption, the occasional drink and, of course, your lost childhood memories. Plunge into a fantasy world (not a sexual one […]

Why Did I Run Away From A Glamorous Job in NYC? – Turn Setbacks Into Success Story

IN A FEW WORDS:  I ran away from a promising job and turned my feeling of failure into fuel and started Let’s Sandbox (the best decision in my life!). This is my turn setbacks into success story. WHAT HAPPENED? A few years ago I was invited to work with a billionaire entrepreneur. He flew me […]